Garden Centers Cater to Pooches and Kitties

At our local Muskogee farmer's market Sharon Owen of Moonshadow Herb Farm sells a lot of grass for indoor cats and dog/cat treats that she bakes herself.

Given American's love for their pets, it is no wonder that now garden centers are planning to make room for pets. They want your pet to get pampered and for some garden centers, pet specific products make up 20%-50% of their sales and profits.

So what can you expect to see besides bird baths and feeders, flower pots and hanging baskets?
 Look for as much as half of your favorite garden center to become focused on pet food, boutique beds, food dishes, toys and treats. But they will be items not available at your local big box stores.

Pet costumes rang up $370 million this Halloween so no doubt you'll see those, too.
What about pet grooming at your favoriet garden center? Would you go for that? Drop off the dogs and wander through the plants, fertilizers, pots and fountains?

Here's another interesting combination: Merrifield Garden Center in Gainesville has bird supplies and a wine store.

Teske in Bettendorf, Iowa has soil, plants, pet foods, tools, pet pictures, and animals to take home.

What do you think? Good idea or do you prefer your garden center to be purely plants and the products that support your garden?


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