Container Garden from SouthernLiving Plants

Southern Living Designer Series ready-made container gardens for fall are designed for southern gardens, where temperatures continue to be much warmer than in northern climates.

They sent me one of their 12-inch pots from the Southern Living® Plant Collection.
The pot contained these healthy plants:
1 Crimson Snapdragon
2 White Cool Wave™ Pansy
1 Trailing Rosemary
2 White Alyssum
1 Angelina Sedum
The container was arranged like the one on the right and the pot is brown plastic with holes for a hanger wire.
There are 14 and 16 inch sizes, too. In our area Southern Living plants are available in about 30 retail nurseries. You can find your local stores and online/mail order sources by clicking on their website link -
Also on their site, you'll find tabs for Plant Finder and In The Garden - both are full of tips for gardeners on plant selection, garden design, color blending and the other things we need to know to make the most of our gardening dollars.


Enmark Dalanon said…
Wow! I was amazed that those plants live together on that one container...

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