Fiskars Cuts and Grabs - if you have a shrub or a tree you need one

Fiskars Cut and Grab 30-inch lopper is a new favorite tool around our house. We have so many shrubs and trees that this tool is ideal for.

We have a couple dozen Osage Orange trees - they came with the land we bought behind the house. As they grow taller, their spiky dead branches can hang for years waiting for an unsuspecting person on the riding mower to pass by and scratch.

Cutting thorny branches with regular loppers means having them drop on my head which is equally unpopular with me.
I've done it too often to want any more of that experience. I even tried it while standing on the riding mower and dodging the thorns. Someone could have filmed it for YouTube.

The by-pass blade is coated steel and the 30-inch long handles are those Fiskars' steel with gel tip grippers that make it easy on the hands. (By-pass blades cut rather than smash green stems.)

They will handle a 2-inch thick branch and hang onto it for you.

We have 5-foot tall Dwarf Burford Holly shrubs as a hedge across the front of the property and there are dead branches in the middle.

    These will be ideal for reaching into the
shrubs and pulling out the dead bits.  Need to get them out of the husband's hands first though.



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