Beautiful - Echeveria or Cotyledon or Kalanchoe

Succulents are a challenge in our humidity, even in pots. Hens and chicks dissolve here. I prefer Echeverias to spiny cacti since they never poke me!

 Drought Smart Plants helped me identify the plants in these pots. But then again, it might not be Echeveria pallida. A plant that looks identical is named Cotyledon at Plantz Africa. Another site, Succulent Gardening,  makes me think it is Kalanchoe thrysifolia.

The original plant was a gift but over the years it became leggy and unattractive. So, I cut off its top and planted it, laying the leaves in a pan out of carelessness more than anything.

The next time I went out into the shed, the leaf stems had sprouted roots so they went into pots according to size. The happy result is the row of pots that have graced the back garden all summer.


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