Rose Seminar, Plant That Network and Arborsculpting by Richard Reames

FREE ROSE SEMINAR – "Year in the Life of a Rose" presented by Mark Stelljes (consulting American Rose Society Rosarian and Board Member of Tulsa Rose Society) on Sunday, October 21, from 1 pm to 5 pm. Mark's specialty is taking the mystery and difficulty out of growing roses.There will be food and door prizes. RSVP to (918) 455-7673. The seminar is being held at Roses Inc. Tulsa , 12323 E. 132nd St. S. in Broken Arrow –For a map and more scoop go to

Science Daily has a terrific story about plants having their own chat systems that they use to warn other plants connected by underground runners.

"Many plants form internal communications networks and are able to exchange information efficiently," the scientists say.

And, "Many herbal plants such as strawberry, clover, reed and ground elder naturally form networks. Individual plants remain connected with each other for a certain period of time by means of runners. These connections enable the plants to share information with each other via internal channels. They are therefore very similar to computer networks."

Clover, strawberries and other plants tell each other if caterpillars are munching, the plants strengthen their resistance and stay one step ahead of the crawlers, significantly limiting damage.

Extreme trees planted and shaped by Arborsculptor Richard Reames at
Arborsmith Studios. Reames has dozens of photos of arborsculpted trees that are worth a click.

AND, Reames has an arborsculpture blog - click the link on the left side of his site. There are more fascinating photos at the blog - living chair, green roof, tree windows, living architecture, espalier - really, it is a must see.


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