Cucs and Beans in the October Garden

It has cooled down enough that the heat dormant spinach seeds are starting to sprout. The wind and rain last week broke the snow pea vines but they are taking off again.
Raab is almost a foot tall and radishes are ready to pick. The lettuce is slowly growing but isn't big enough to use. The Asian mustard has large enough leaves to add to a salad tonight.

If you have not ever planted a September vegetable garden, give it a try next year. The rewards are slower than in the spring, but give you an excuse to be out there and the cooler days without mosquitoes are wonderful.
Photo: cucumbers forming October 15th if you can believe it.
Photo: flowering cucumbers - we can only hope it stays warm enough for them to make it to maturity. The yellowing on the leaves is from insect damage, I think.
Photo: Tiny green beans forming on the plants.


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