Fall, Houseplant Website and Seeds

This is the first day! Yesterday is was 85-degrees while I was out painting and today it is 55 and raining and windy.
Unofficially it's our first day of fall. The leaves turned gold, yellow, red and that other tired green they become when the season begins to change.
I love poppies so I ordered a bunch of seeds from J. L. Hudson Seedsman to plant next month. The double black one will make a dramatic effect in our yard next spring. It takes a lot of color to cheer up 2-acres at the end of winter so I bought the large economy size seed pack

. All this is to remind you that the season of houseplants is upon us. We will be dragging outdoor plants into the garage, taking cuttings of some of the cold tender ones we love, buying bulbs to plant next month and stuffing the house with plants to take care of over the winter.

You must check out a house plants site I found, Healthy Houseplants.com written by Julie Bawden Davis.

There is a "Plants" link on the site that is a Encyclopedia. Each plant is identified, many are pictured, and cultivation information is provided to help guarantee success.

Information on potting soils, transplanting, watering, propagating and staking is all there. Browse around and have healthier houseplants this year.


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