Rock Gardening, Edamame, Cleome

DOES IT ROCK? Here is another photo from the display gardens at Laporte Av Nursery in Colorado. I can't get over how many beautiful plants they were able to cram into nooks and crannies.
Our yard will have to have a new rock garden by next summer.

EDAMAME We harvested all the edamame this week - that's the advice of Johnny's Selected Seeds - harvest it all at once. You can cook it and freeze it or freeze it in the pod uncooked. I'll probably cook it first. Edamame is a wonderful snack food with lots of vegetable protein and good to have around.
The photo illustrates how they looked on the stem of the plant when it was time to harvest.

CLEOME This old fashioned flower is doing a great job of cheering up the yard everyplace it is growing. Once you get it established, it will come back year after year. These plants are the offspring of a pack of seeds I planted at least 5-years ago. When the plants look tired, I pull them and lay the dry stems (with seed heads in tact) where I want them to come up the following year. I can recognize the seedlings when they appear in the spring so I pull out the extras and transplant the ones I want. This year there are probably 10 or 12 around.

I'm still doing daily battle with the cucumber beetles and squash bugs. I flood the plants with water early in the morning and just wait for the bugs to show themselves so I can hand pick them off. There are no effective chemical controls so handpicking is the only way to manage them. The squash is worth it.

Enjoy these summer days - August is here and little signs of fall are appearing: The tree leaves are starting to drop, the zinnias are at their peak, the tomatoes are dying back and the daylight hours are growing shorter. Don't complain about the heat - it will be gone soon.


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