Fall Vegetable Gardening, Wordsworth in the Daffodils

Hey! It is time to get ready to plant fall greens - lettuce, spinach, beets, chard, broccoli raab and all those wonderful, nutritious goodies. HLA 6032 is the fact sheet number for vegetable varieties for Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University. Follow this link to find out which ones work best.

Photo: Eggplant flowering in our garden

Mississippi State University has a page of advice about fall veggie gardening that reminds readers to fertilize and water before planting seeds or transplants.

Bishop's Hat at the Dallas Arboretum

Two hundred years ago, Wordsworth wrote "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud". Wordsworth for the Youtube Generation is yours if you click here.

From the website: "It is a poem about the mind's growing awareness over time of the deepening value of an experience, in this case observing the dancing daffodils. Two hundred years after it was published, the poem is still reaching new audiences and inspiring people. Part of our work here at Grasmere is demonstrating how Wordsworth's poetry is relevant today and encouraging young people to enrich their lives by exploring his poetry in their own ways.”


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