Jan 2007 Ice Storm, Canning Outside, History of Agriculture Online

Remember January 2007's ice storm?
Here are two photos to remind you of what our yard
looked like and maybe to help cool off your
forehead from the 103-degrees we are suffering today.

The photo below is the same shed as in the photo above -
but this week displaying Mother Nature's incredible ability
to regenerate herself no matter what the weather.

Gardening at our house is limited to watering morning and night
and maybe a little flower deadheading and vegetable picking.

I have to confess that I am still canning even in this heat.

We bought one of those turkey fryers with a propane tank attachment.
We use the pot for boiling water, sterilizing jars and water bath sealing
- all done outside on the patio in the shade.

While you are stuck indoors escaping heat stroke, take a look at
this website http://chla.library.cornell.edu/c/chla/about.html

It is a link to Cornell University's core historical literature of agriculture.
There are 1900 books online available for browsing and reading.

If you are interested in the past or the present information on agriculture
you will find something about it in one of those books.


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