Medit-Plants - mediterranean climate gardening

If you love the plants that live in a Mediterranean climate (rosemary, lavendar, clematis, etc.) be sure to visit the website designed specifically for them by Sean A. O'Hara.

Rosemary in bloom - Tulsa Garden Center
O'Hara says on the site, "The world's mediterranean climate regions are distinctly different from other, summer rainfall regions. Because they are desirable places to live, there continues to be a migration to mediterranean climate areas. This has lead to a number of inappropriate and unsustainable horticultural practices - transplanted from elsewhere. These pages are meant to help disseminate a clear understanding of this summer-dry climate and how gardens can be both successful and sustainable."
Called Medit-Plants, the link to the informative site is and there are many tabs with information on plants for dry shade,  links to related sites at, what exactly is a Mediterranean climate? at and and invitation to subscribe to the Medit-Plants e-mail forum at

About Medit Plants is at and the Mediterranean Garden Society is at


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