Garden Tour and Plant Sale Muskogee 6.1.19

Master Gardeners Veggies and More Garden Tour, June 1, 10 to 3, $10
Plant Sale at Honor Heights Park Papilion 
Tickets at Garden Locations
Trudy and Sud Sudberry, 2701 North 64th Street West, Muskogee
Pam and John Turnbull, 2906 North 24th Street, Muskogee
Ruth and David Redding, 106 East Elm, Ft. Gibson

The Muskogee County Master Gardeners Veggies and More Garden Tour next Saturday will have plenty of unique features to attract gardeners and plant lovers. The tour gardens have annual and perennial flowers, succulents, vegetable gardens and herbs to show and talk about. 

At the beginning of each hour there will be talks about gardening topics ranging from raised beds to irrigation and insect control.

The Sudberry’s garden is remarkable. A flower and herb garden hugs the house and shed. Down the hill, a fenced vegetable and fruit garden has raised beds, vines and fruit trees.

Along the sidewalks look for Hosta, Hydrangea, Azalea, Helebore, Solomon’s Seal, Begonias and Ajuga. As the path turns to the side of the house, there are Roses, Salvia, Penstemon, Aster, Monarda, Lillies, Iris, Rudbeckia, and more.

In front of a repurposed chicken house there is a garden cart and a three-tiered, rock-wall, herb bed with Lemon Thyme, Sage, Rosemary, Chamomile, Catnip, Pineapple Sage, Parsley, Basil, Savory, Borage, Hyssop, etc.

The fenced vegetable and fruit garden has trellised grapes, raspberries, blackberries, hay bale planted tomatoes, dill, garlic, onions, greens and more.

“We have gardened here for nine years,” Trudy said. “I spend an average of three hours a day in the gardens. Sud does the construction, mulch and tractor work, including the compost and the corn field. It’s a lot but when you get bushels of vegetables and fruit, it is worth it.”

The Plant Sale will offer plants from member’s gardens grown from root division, cuttings and seeds. There will be flowers (perennial and annual ), succulents, herbs and more. The pricing will be from $1 to $5.

Muskogee County Master Gardeners will be starting a new class August, 2019.  Information: Facebook


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