Orchid Enthusiasts Meet Sat Feb 17

Here's a great opportunity to learn about Orchids from Cathy and Steve Marak. The Maraks are enthusiastic about orchids and give great presentations.

What Is It About Orchids?  At the February 17 meeting of Flower, Garden & Nature Society of Northwest Arkansas hear two orchid enthusiasts, Cathy and Steve Marak, as they talk about their collection of hundreds of orchids.  Both Cathy and Steve have held offices in the Orchid Society of the Ozarks (Steve is the current president.), and they are co-chairing the 8th Annual Orchids in the Garden Show and Sale.  That event will occur March 2, 3, & 4 this year.  

Meet Saturday, Feb. 17, in the Student Center of Northwest Technical Institute at 709 S. Old Missouri Road in Springdale at 9:30 a.m. for social time and the meeting at 10:00.  Membership is not required for first-time visitors.  Info:  479-466-8100 or 479-466-7265.


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