Perky-Pet birdfeeder

Perky-Pet birdfeeder is hanging in our back yard now on the squirrelliest tree we have.
This oak produces hundreds of acorns, making it the biggest challenge for any bird feeder that claims to prevent squirrels from eating everything in it.

The birds have visited but I have not seen one single squirrel on it and it's been hanging for several days. This item I can enthusiastically recommend. The plastic food holder is thick enough to not fall apart in one season. The perches please the birds, the seed that came packed with it attracts plenty of visitors and the scoop is built to fit the opening.

Oh, and the assembly instructions enclosed in the box are easy to understand. In English rather than English translated from Chinese, Japanese or Mandarin. Illustrations complete the instructions ease.

It looks like the same company has hummingbird feeders and wind-art. Check them out at - 40% off hummingbird feeders right now.


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