Upcoming Events for Gardeners

The upcoming events for gardeners are stacking up. Few of us have the energy and financial resources to go to more than one a month.

Here are a few to consider-

Feb 22-23 Richard Reames is teaching workshops on shaping live chairs at the Kansas City Garden Symposium. A few months ago I referenced his astonishing work in this bloog.

March 1 Cole Burrell Free talk at the Tulsa Garden Center 3:00. Burrell's books will be for sale and sales will benefit the Oklahoma Horticultural Society.

March 5 to 9 Wichita Garden Show

March 9-16 Indiana Flower & Patio Show, Indiana StateFairgrounds, Indianapolis

May 2 to 4 Orchard in Bloom, 19th year, Holliday Park, Indianapolis
Photo: Lettuce under lights in the shed
Photo: Pregnant onion flower

reaching for the skylight in the shed

Photo: Birdbath and gazing globe in the snow
Photo: The oak outside the back door


The Diva said…
I wish I had more money and time. The problem is that the clubs start up right when we need to be working in the gardens. You asked me if I was going to the Master Gardener thing. I'm not an MG, so no, probably not. The MG classes are always right when I need to pickup kids at school. Thanks for the heads up.~~Dee
Anonymous said…
Hi Dee -
I know what you mean. More money and more time would change a lot of things. Well, add in more energy, too.
Muskogee Garden Club doesn't schedule meetings in the summer - I think it is a throwback to summer travel but it is nice to have the break.

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