What A Difference A Month Makes

The view from the kitchen last month was sweetly filled with daffodils. The piles of brush are from the most recent ice storm a couple of months before. The hyacinths and grape hyacinths bloomed and faded until next year.

The view from the kitchen now is past the bloom of most of the tulips. Now it is full of later spring flowers and the ground is greening.

Here's a closer snap of the last of the yellow tulips and their friendly neighbors Siberian Squill or Persian blue Siberica.

For another point of view, gardeners in the northwest consider these blue beauties a nuisance. I suspect their temperate, moist weather helps the bulbs multiply like crazy without any harsh winter freezes to keep them in check.
Bluebells are the bane of my existence says Kym Pokorny at the Oregonian in Portland.

I read lots of garden blogs but rarely comment when they complain about invasive this and that. Bermuda grass in the flower beds is about all I'll complain about.
What's invasive where you garden?


It seems to me that the changes go by too fast .
Molly Day said…
Well, yes, I agree after spring starts.

From December to March can drag a little.

If it weren't for the seed planting in the shed, I would have a tough time in those months.

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