Carole Reese's Sex Talk

Google's Blogger is still malfunctioning with the image posting feature so this will be another day without wonderful photos to enjoy.

I drove to the April meeting of the Flower, Garden and Nature Society of Northwest Arkansas this morning to hear Carol Reese speak on “Sex and the Single Stamen: The sometimes bizarre but entertaining sex life of the garden”.

Reese is an Ornamental Horticultural Specialist at the University of Tennessee Extension Service so she gardens in zone 7 too.

Her talk was billed as entertaining and informative and it lived up to its billing.

Reese writes for the Jackson Sun. Here are links to 2 of her past columns:

Shopping for great plants is as much or more fun than gardening

You can have bright colorful foliage glowing in a shady garden This article is
about the Heuchera varieties that can withstand our humid heat. Reese said these worked for her: 'Citronelle', 'Caramel,' 'Bronze Wave,' 'Pistache,' 'Frosted Violet,' 'Southern
Comfort' and 'Georgia Peach.'

I'll write more about Reese's great talk but if you have an opportunity to hear her, take it.

And, look for those heat tolerant Heucheras when you shop next time.


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