Saturday May 2 Food and Wine Event

Saturday May 2 will be a fun day at Honor Heights Park.

Friends of Honor Heights Park is hosting its first Food and Wine Event before the annual Banner Auction. Tickets to the Food and Wine festivities are $20 per person. The food and wine are being donated by members so the proceeds from ticket sales can be put into the account.

Friends of Honor Heights Park Food &Wine Event is 5:30 to 7:00
Banner Auction begins at 7:00

The sign is at Blossom's Garden Center, 3012 East Hancock, one of the locations for buying tickets in advance. Muskogee Parks and Recreation Department, 837 East Okmulgee, also has tickets. Tickets will be available at the door.

Friends of Honor Heights Park was formed to raise money to construct this new feature for the park - a Teaching Garden and Butterfly House.

Banner Auction Information - Joel Everett 918.684.6302
Food and Wine Event information - Frank Medearis 918.683.4387


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