The New Leak Proof Tomato

A new tomato has been bred to prevent soggy bread when your sandwich includes a slice or two. ABC News considers it a revolution. Most people who left a comment on the story consider it a move toward less flavorful food.

But really, no one reported on the flavor yet.

The new tomato went on sale at Tesco's in London. They are being grown in the Mediterranean for European customers. Next they will be grown in Mexico for U.S. consumers.

Here is a link to the ABC article and here is a bit about the invention: "The growers at Nunhems, part of the giant conglomerate Bayer AG, say that standard tomatoes lose 8 percent of their weight after slicing and a further 12 percent seeps into the bread only an hour later. With the new variety and its much denser structure, less than 1 percent of the moisture is lost when the tomato is sliced and only 3 percent of the juice soaks the bread 12 hours after the sandwich is made."

The Daily Mail also ran a news story about the tomato revolution. It's here.

Does this appeal to you? How much do you think it varies from a Roma variety which is pretty meaty and dry when you slice it. Would it be better for salsa than the varieties now available?

If you taste one, report back on the flavor.


Interesting. I had not heard of this new tomato before thanks. Personally, I think food should stay as close to it's natural state as possible. I don't feel comfortable at all when scientists start trying to "fix" our food.

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