NOAA Says It Is Now Spring, Who Uses LED Grow Lights?

OK, Now it's spring.

If you go to NOAA's National Weather Service site at
you can enter your local zip code and get the weather for the week ahead. (Top left hand side of the page "Local Forecast by City, St) and use your zip code.

For the week ahead we have daytime temperatures up to 60s and 70s and night time lows in the 40s and 50s. Ah, now the real planting can begin.

We can pull out the tropicals for the front and back porches, clean out the places they have been stored and take a deep breath.

Here it will be raining off and on all week with sun interspersed but who cares?

Do You LED?
I was in the bank today and the teller asked me about the LED grow lights you can purchase from an online vendor, HID Hut. Have you heard about them or used them?

He said that he and his dad grew herbs indoors all winter using the HID Hut LED grow light and that they were dark green the entire time. No burning of the leaves either.

Here's the link for HID Hut grow lights. The site says the advantages are that they will last 7 years or more, do not burn plants, use 30% the electricity and work with normal light sockets.

Own any? Use them? What's your experience with LED grow lights?


Rupinder said…
This technology makes use of small LED lights and are designed in such a way as to produce indoor light which is perfect for growing plants.

LED Grow Light

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