Spring Flinging

Honor Heights Park is blooming like crazy. This is the view of the arboretum as you drive in on the second 48 Street entrance - down by the tennis courts. I think most visitors miss seeing the arboretum since it is off the main loop.
But here are the azaleas on the main loop. Are they gorgeous or what?
The cold nights predicted for the next several days will slow down their peak bloom but the tulips are wonderful, too.
Today there were 8 men working on the rose garden paths, getting ready for summer.

OklaTravelNet has an overview of what most people do not know about our state: It is beautiful. Unfortunately, most people think of the footage from Grapes of Wrath and other movies about the panhandle and drought.
One of the other things to do this weekend, is travel to Whispering Vines Vineyard (click here for more information) to prune grape vines. Participation is free. You show up, have a little breakfast and they give you a class on pruning and growing grape vines from starts. Then, you prune for a couple of hours and they give you lunch and a bottle of wine to take home.
What could be better than that? Oh, and you take home as many cuttings as you want from which ever grape variety you want to grow.
Whispering Vines Vineyards & Winery7374 West 51st St, Tulsa,


This would be a great thing to do on a first date!
Molly said…
Wouldn't it though!
Ah, so I should be going there this weekend? Eek, I don't have time. I want to go. Maybe I can talk Bill into taking me tomorrow.~~Dee
Veriance said…
Beautiful pictures! Love the colors.

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