Frogs and Toads Have Their Own Day 4-28

Garden Rant posted the picture above with a link to the site.

PBS did a program on Nature about them. Click here to see the episode.

Wiki How has a list of tips for attracting frogs to your garden.

Suite 101 also has ideas on frog pond gardening here.

Stuart Robinson posted these benefits of frogs in the garden on his Australian blog,
Gardening Tips and Ideas (also posted on Garden Rant)

What are the benefits of frogs in the garden?
Frogs are bug and critter devourers
Mosquito larvae, sowbugs and caterpillars are delicacies for frogs.
They forage on the outer foliage of some plants when they are in some state of decay
The downside of encouraging frogs is that they are common food for snakes

How to encourage frogs into your garden
The more moist your garden is the more chance frogs will start to inhabit your yard
A pond that encourages garden frogs is one that is not too deep, offers some plant life for protection and food, rocks for sunning on and still places to breed.

We don't have a frog pond yet, but now I think we'll have to look into it.


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