Crazy In Love With Our Garden

We are simply crazy about our garden and take photos almost every day of one thing or another.

This is the inside of the herb bed looking out with the yellow iris on the left and the Mexican sage on the right. Right bottom is mother of Thyme (Moonshadow Herb Farm). Outside the fence left is white iris, crazy daisy (thank you Susie Lawrence for the starts) pink iris, burgundy iris and top right is Dame's Rocket. The small tree is an Oklahoma native peach.

This is a shot from the side yard. The fruit trees and vegetable garden are behind the camera.
The bed on the right is a shade bed where tulips and daffodils have completed their fun and other plants are just starting. In the center bed is lavender (Thank you Sharon Owen), native peach trees, pinks (Thank you Lora Weatherbee), clovers, lilies, etc.

You might want to check out "The Ultimate Gardener: The Best Experts' Advice for Cultivating a Magnificent Garden with Photos and Stories", a new book from Health Communications, Inc.

The 250 page paperback is loaded with photos. What's fascinating about the approach is that every chapter is written by a different author. Charlie Nardozzi, National Gardening Association is the editor.

Authors include: Christine Collier, poet Sally Clark, Cookie Curci, actress Juliana Harris, retired teacher and painter Veronica Cullinan Lake, and freelance writer Felice Prager. All of the listed authors have one of the Chicken Soup titles in their summary, and you would be correct to assume that this book comes out of that same publishing group.

More of a book for gardeners than horticulturists, the first person stories about gardening, family, nature and plant lore will appeal to you when you want to read charming vignettes rather than look up a plant's Latin name and cultivation requirements.

There's great advice here, too, though it is in story form. Topics that will appeal include attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, how to design a landscape, how to plan a small garden, growing hardy organic vegetables and gardening with pets in the yard.

Health Communications Inc. is at this link where you can purchase "Ultimate Gardener" for $14.95. It's $8 on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online.


I used to think that eating (and sharing) the harvest from my garden was the best part of growing...but I realized that sharing great pictures of my garden with friends and family is VERY rewarding. Thanks for the great post and thanks for GREAT pictures!

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