But I Digress

Today we took a much needed break from the joys of the gardens.

Here's what's growing -
The iris are blooming along with the late tulips and daffodils.
The snow peas recovered from the last freeze and are now six inches up the trellis.
The garlic has grown well above the thick layer of pine straw we loaded on it last fall.
The snow ball viburnum has little snow balls forming - they are the size of a dime now.
We picked enough lettuce and chard tonight for a salad or two this week.
The fruit is forming on the peach, nectarine and plum trees.

AND, tonight the temperature is going to be 34 and tomorrow the prediction is 24.

Now, I'll digress to one of the other joys of spring - the birth of baby animals all around us.

Oyana Wilson, president of Muskogee Garden Club, raises race horses and in the past 3 days, three babies were born. Here are the two day and three day old foals.

This is Oyana with Carney and her foal, who didn't have a name as of yesterday.
This is Final Comment

This is Chocolate

So, even when Mother Nature puts a couple of freezing nights on our hard work in the garden, threatening what we have worked to achieve, something equally wonderful is going on.


O.K., you made me feel a little better. I bet y'all lose the azalea blossoms won't you? Those little colts made me smile.~~Dee
Martha said…
Hubby was at Honor Heights Park today - delivering a project I'll write about later.
He said the flowering trees in the Arboretum and the Azaleas are blooming their hearts out.

Tonight it is predicted to go down to 23 but the soil is so warm from the past weeks of 70 and 80 degree days that they may escape damage.

After all, Rhododendrons of all types love cold weather, Azaleas included.

We shall see what Mother Nature dishes up.

Glad the colts gave you a smile - they are irresistable!

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