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Hydrangea Blossom Wreath - how to

This is such a good idea for a fall wreath. Hydrangea blossoms are in abundance and ready to cut.

The video from Proven Winners shows how to make one using a metal wreath form but you could use foam, grape vines or other materials.

This one minute video shows how -

So many variations are out there on the net! Look up Hydrangea wreath and you'll see one you want to make.

Native Plants Best for Gardens

Going native is so important to our sustainable environment. Every native plant you add to your slice of Planet Earth makes a difference, even if you only have window boxes. You can start from seed or purchase plants. I've listed reliable plant sources below with links

By the purest and purist’s definition, native plants grew here before European settlers arrived. In contrast, plants brought into our area from other places and hybrid plants are non-natives.

Naturalized plants are those that were brought into the region as non-natives but escaped the cultivated area and thrive as weeds.

Wherever they originated, natives are low-maintenance plants that grow well without much assistance after they become established. The benefits to wildlife and to your appreciation of your gardening experience cannot be measured!  Do as much native planting in the fall as you possibly can.  Wild Things Nursery ( in Seminole grows and sells OK native plants. Owners Marilyn and K…

Master Gardener Classes Starting - Muskogee

Master Gardener classes are starting in the fall and our extension agent is putting out the word. Re-post for your friends and/or call Mandy for more information.

Mandy Blocker, OSU Extension, Muskogee, wrote: "I am SO excited to be offering a Fall 2017 Muskogee County OSU Extension Master Gardener Class! 

If you or someone you know is interested, please have them come register at the Muskogee County Extension Office or call 918-686-7200 with any questions!  

New Tropical Hibiscus

Tradewinds Hibiscus Keepsake Plants also known as Aris Keepsake Plants has a new line of tropical HIbiscus. They sent me one as a sample to try in our Zone 7 and it is doing very very well. The photo you see on the right is the plant they sent. 
The new line of Hibiscus has been bred to give us better plant branches and less bud drop than other tropical Hibiscus. And, in fact, my plant has had zero bud drop. 
The only problem we've had is that the bunnies that live in our yard love this plant's branches and leaves. Now that it's up away from their little teeth it is thriving again.
The compact growing habit of this new Tradewinds line has made it an ideal plant for a decorative pot. Nothing droops, no pruning needed.
Other lovely colors include: Mandarin Wind, Pink Versicolor, Tortuga Wind, Brilliant Red and more. Click on the link above and see them for yourself. Bet you can't have just one!