Lots of Spring Gardening Today

It was 85 today after 2 nights of freezing weather. Must be spring. The neighborhood dogs met at the bottom of the road to talk about such matters. And, no doubt compared notes about where the bones are buried.

Virginia Bluebells (Mertensia virginica) are ringing in two of the three places they were planted. It appears that the third set chose to remain silent henceforth and forever more.
Anyway, I love these wonderful flowers of our spring garden.
Some people call them Virginia Cowslip, or Oysterleaf or Roanoke Bells.

More lettuce seedlings went into the ground today and we are getting braver about putting plants into the ground in the hope that no more freezing weather will come.

I untied the climbing hydrangea today and started to train it up a tree. We bought it last year during the Hydrangea Festival in Memphis. Gardens OyVey is a great source for all things Hydrangea.

Also, our friend Jerry Gustafson started Hydrangeas by rooting them and he gave me a couple to plant. They are alive and starting to form leaf buds.

Some insect is eating the heads off of our new tree saplings. It makes a clean cut at an angle across the entire tiny trunk. Arghhh. Have any idea what it might be?


50sgal said…
I adore Hydrangea. They are almost a required plant here on Cape Cod and the soil makes the most unbelievable blue. Many people not from this area have seen pics of mine and thought I doctored the photo!
Molly Day said…
Hi -
I looked for the hydrangea photos on your blog and couldn't find them.

Now you have to send me one of those photos!

It must warming up to spring in Cape Cod.
What's emerging there?
I want to grow Virginia bluebells. I do. I think I shall plant some this fall? You know I adore Hydrangeas. I especially like the paniculata and of course, my 'Annabelle.' I'm trying a new type this year. Can't remember the name off the top of my head.~~Dee
Molly Day said…
I had to plant bluebells three times from different sources before I got them to come up.

Two theories: 1) The first two sources send bum bulbs; 2) The fertility of the beds improved year after year until they were finally rich enough for the bluebells to bloom.

At any rate, I'm jazzed to have them.
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