No More Freezes Wahoo! Stuff and Stories of Early April

Lots to talk about when the spring weather is like this - sunny, cloudy, rain, hail, hot, cold, windy, still - all in one day.

Hey look at this eggplant!
A few of us pre-ordered vegetable starts from Blossoms and I picked mine up yesterday. Healthy, rooty, ginormous.

The light this afternoon made the greens bed look electrified. It had rained, hailed and then the sun came out. Look at that yellow light.

The Angelique Tulips are opening. What a beauty. Touch of Nature was my source.

Before the rain I had a chance to mow part of the 2.75 acres we live on. This is the view out the back door, off the office.

Having fun in your garden?

The April issue of ATTRA News has a particularly interesting column about the over-reliance on fossil-fuel in gardens and on farms.

They ask the question, "What would really happen if farmers and gardeners went a year without fertilizing?"

What do you think?

They emphasize that compost, cover crop, green manure and crop rotation bring better results.
I'm afraid to stop fertilizing. What are you doing, fertilizer-wise?


Cara said…
I envy your gardens. Absolutely lovely!

I layer and work in compost from my horses and grass clippings from my sister's lawn. Every year my garden improves considering I started with mucky clay 5 years ago. I've always used my grandparents simple techniques because of quality and affordability so I don't feel too guilty.

Great blog! I found you because you commented on my blog over at but I have another on blogger. (fyi)

I will be back for more!!

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