Sunset Plant Finder Goes Live Online

Whether or not you have subscribed to Sunset Magazine or bought their big fat reference books, you can now click to a new online Plant Finder.

For decades, Sunset has been a go-to source for all things plant related. Monrovia is the sponsor of this new database.

I'll just quote the press release from here
"grows out of our best-selling series of plant encyclopedias, which include the Sunset Western Garden Book, National Garden Book, Northeastern Garden Book, and Southern Living Garden Book.

At launch, the Plant Finder lists about 2,000 plants—enough to make this a serious reference tool, but with plenty of room to grow (the Western Garden Book, in comparison, covers about 6,000 plants). We’re literally adding more entries every day.

You can search the database by plant name, type, or characteristics, all keyed to your climate zone. Plants that answer you search show up in list form, and you can select any of them to learn more (see sample screen below).

Try it - click here

And we're serious about our hope for feedback from you. Since this is a new project, there will undoubtedly be room for improvement, and perhaps a few bugs to work out. Fortunately, we have an excellent team of software engineers working on this, and we can make changes fairly quickly. Just pass your suggestions on to me,"

Sunset does NOT use USDA freeze zones NOR American Horticultural Society heat zones, they use Sunset Zones so be sure to check yours. Ours is "Texas Oklahoma" zone.


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