March Winds Doth Blow

Although the winds have been howling for days and the temperatures are unpredictable, no snow is in the forecast to complete the poem's line, "The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow".

There is something to be thankful for you see.

This is a photo of a Chianti Rose Tomato. I grow them from seed as well as some other varieties.

Then, I get some healthy tomato plants from Blossom's Garden Center and Moonshadow Herb Farm and Lowe's.

And, yet, the ability to grow a bumper crop of tomatoes eludes me no matter how many plants I put in. If you have any sure fire secrets to getting the darlings to produce fruit, please let me know either through a comment on the blog or by email so I can get some benefit from all my work.

However, I do have a bumper crop of Bridal Veil Spirea.
Happily, it is sending up new shoots about 4-inches from the main plant. I can dig those out to expand the planting into other areas of the back acre or give them away.

Many seedlings in the shed are being potted up as they grow their first set of true leaves. It was crowded before; now it is almost impossible to move around out there except on tip toes.


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