End of March in the Woodland Beds

What could announce spring more completely than Trilliums?

Three or four times a week I have been out there, crouched over the bed. They emerged and I whooped. They leafed out, buds formed and I couldn't believe it. Now they are opening. It's a thrill, I tell you.

Here's a site with good Trillium links if you want to learn more about them.

They are so beautiful.

About two and a half years ago I subscribed to the Trillium-L to begin to learn about them. Much of the conversation is over my head but I keep reading. Click here to go to the Trillium-L Discussion List where there are clicks to a photo gallery and identification help.

In the course of reading the discussion, I mentioned that I didn't have any for our woodland beds. A generous soul sent me a box and I planted them in what I had learned would help them succeed.

And, look at the Trout Lily he sent as an additional gift.

Gardeners are, for the most part, the most amazing and generous people.

Are your favorite plants connected to a person or place?


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