New Friends and Old Friends Plant and Propagate Together

The seed starting and plant propagation workshop at Friends of Honor Heights Park followed the business meeting yesterday.
Matthew Weatherbee presented the plans for the Teaching Gardens and Butterfly House. If you click on the photo you can see the architect's drawing.
For the seed planting part of the workshop, participants selected two (or more) packs of seeds contributed by Renee's Garden Seeds, Botanical Interests and Territorial Seeds.
Each person also took home a Parks Seed print catalog, samples of Daniel's Plant Food and Osmocote with literature.
Blossom's Garden Center donated petunias and purslane for the propagation class.

We set up 25 chairs and had more than that for the meeting. There was a unanimous election of the volunteer officers: president Matthew Weatherbee, vice president Jon Stoodley, treasurer Lora Weatherbee CPA, secretary Martha Stoodley.
Three or four attendees volunteered to help on each of the three committees: Membership, Events and Fund Raising. And EVERYONE who came is now a member! All nonmembers joined.
We even had one at the Donor level of $100 and above.

You can tell by looking at the photos that the ceiling is not finished. We brought our propane heater from home to warm up the 35 degree weather.

We did not have a key to get to the tables in the gift shop so we scavenged a piece of construction scrap from outside to make a table for the snacks. Well, it was a fund raiser and everyone took it in good humor.

Our next event is Saturday March 28, 1:00 p.m. at the Park - same room.
By then the room will have many improvements and the gift shop may be open.
Martha will present a mini-workshop on butterfly and hummingbird gardening.
Free for members and $5 for guests. All proceeds go to Friends of Honor Heights Park.
Snacks and beverages provided.
Come join us! Membership $25 Individual, $35 Family, $100 and above Donor
Information: Email or call Matthew and Lora Weatherbee at 918.682.9276 or Jon and Martha Stoodley at 918.683.2373 - be a Friend.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like fun was had by all. So, Martha is giving the next talk, huh?~~Dee
Molly Day said…
I can't seem to keep myself from sharing my enthusiasms no matter how hard I try to suppress them.

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