Cold, Warm, Cold - Springing to Spring

My question was, "Can you grow lettuce in the winter in Oklahoma?" The answer is "Yes" and the photo is the illustration.

I used seeds from last year purchased at a local produce and seed store. They were planted in cells outside in a cold frame.

We have had temperatures as low as 19 F and as high as 78 since the seeds were started. The all plastic cold frames from Harbor Freight and Tool were left uncovered on the coldest nights, opened on the warm days when we were home. They were watered with a hose nozzle set on mist. Fresh lettuce in February and March!

One of the appeals of gardening for those of us on Social Security is the maintenance of our health, strength and stamina.

Being outside and in movement are two aspects of a healthy lifestyle that are imperative if we want to remain vertical.

A gardener in Boca Raton reached 106 years - a testament to the benefits of gardening. She was born in 1903, a daughter of German immigrants, grew up in New Jersey.
Click here to read about Rose McGovern.

I want to make newspaper pots for an event that's coming up (small pots in large quantities are hard to find). The ones made of newspaper wrapped around a wood block or glass are too big for my purpose, but I found just what I was looking for at a blog called Little House In the Suburbs.

If you are looking for such a thing, here is a link to the instructions. It's a basic newspaper pot but you use a spice jar and a little masking tape.

We looked out the window and saw this. It made us smile and probably will give you a grin, too.

We don't have a cat so all the neighbors' cats visit the feeders. Another cat was up in the tree at the same time his buddy was sitting below. It's a lesson in patience if nothing else.


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