Late March Blossoms

Crabapple (Malus) Prairiefire has the reputation for being the most disease resistant crabapple variety so we put one in about 5 years ago.
It is coming into its own this year with more flowers than ever before.
This variety has bird fruit but not the size crabapples I remember from my childhood. Those were large enough that country women would preserve the fruit for the holidays.

When I called in my late fall bulb order to Touch of Nature, owners Bert and Ingrid Bagwell added a few extras to the box they sent.

It was enough to make a narrow bed of them where we could enjoy them while working in and around the shed and vegetable garden.

Daffodils are not available to order today. but if you click here, you can see the varieties T of N has available.

This orange and yellow one is new to me this year. Fortissmo is its name and it is huge!

The little blue Scilla Tubergeniana flowers are from the same source.
What you see coming up on the ground around the Scilla is poppies - I planted hundreds of seeds last winter in hopes of getting a overwhelming number of flowers this summer.

The Virbunum Burkwoodii is blooming. Its flowers are supposed to be attractive to butterflies and indeed I have seen a dozen already this spring.
What's blooming where you are?


Gardeness said…
You are way ahead of me. My daffodils aren't quite open yet. So far there's only hyacinth, pieris and flowering currant blooming right now. Look forward to seeing what else comes up in your garden.
Molly Day said…
Hi -
I'm jealous of your flowering currant.
We just put our plants in the ground two or three weeks ago. They are leafing out but we probably will miss seeing them bloom this year.

In zone 7 we are only 2-weeks away from last average frost date so we are chomping at the bit to plant something other than pansies and hardy green vegetables.

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