Friends of Honor Heights Park Butterfly Gardening Workshop 3.28.09

The late fall pre-freeze caterpillars gathered from our parsley and dill, grew and made chrysalis in the garden shed, emerged as butterflies and lived in their box in the shed for a week or more.
We had them at the Friends of Honor Heights Park butterfly workshop on Saturday.

Friends of Honor Heights Park 501(c)3 was formed to raise money to construct a new project and then provide money to upgrade existing park features.

Matthew Weatherbee gave an overview of the Teaching Gardens and Butterfly House plans. The new education center has wonderful floor to ceiling glass.
(The glass company has not sealed the gaps in the corners so cold air floods the room on these snowy freezing rain days!)

But look! the ceiling tiles are in, the lights work and Hix got the heat going in time.

I gave the butterfly gardening talk.

Friends members brought refreshments, planted pots of seedlings to give away, and, contributed handouts for attendees Raymond from Muskogee Parks and Recreation showed up on a Saturday to help with the chairs and tables. It was definitely a team effort.

The sleet and snow coming down outside made an irresistible view out those windows. The site out the windows is the location where the new gardens and butterfly house will be built.

Click here to read the Muskogee Phoenix story about the event.


Sally said…
It must be exciting to have some new gardens in the works. I look forward to reading more about the plantings that will be put in to attract butterflies. Some folks in our community garden are very interested in that sort of thing.

As I wrote my past two posts I thought about the efforts in Muskogee to establish community gardens. Hope they continue to go well.

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