Cloudy and Warm Weather Tempts Eager Gardeners to Jump Into Spring

The snow peas I put in two weeks ago on a 70 degree sunny day have taken quite a beating from the past 3 nights of 20 degrees.
Today, we have clouds and wind and 60. Oh, what a tease Mother Nature is.This bunny has been hunkered down between the daffodils for days now. Part of me wants to run him off because they eat so much of the plants we put out. Another part of me wants to take him a blanket against the freezing nights.

From today through Sunday Garden Deva is having an annual sale. I can't afford her great stuff even on sale but it is wonderful to look at. Here's a link for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

Our friend Pat Gwin was in the Tulsa World today. Gwin is the Cherokee Nation natural resources supervisor. He grows Trail of Tears plants and gives the seeds he harvests to Cherokees so the strains will live on.

This weekend you can go to the Wichita Garden Show and Texas Daffodil Society Southern Regional Show, Dallas Arboretum, 8617 Garland Road. Contact Rod Armstrong, 972-517-2218,

A much anticipated event in Muskogee is the opening of Blossoms Garden Center on April 1. They are hosting Muskogee Garden Club members and guests on March 19 at 6:00. Owner, Matthew Weatherbee will give a talk, Top Five Solutions for Top Five Garden Problems.

Marilyn Stewart ( sent out
Wild Things' schedule.
April 4th Norman Farmer’s Market 8:00-12:00
April 11 Herb Day in Brookside 9:00 to 4:00 41 and Peoria Tulsa
April 18 Sand Springs Herbal Affair 9 - 5:00 April 25
Jenks Herb N Plant Festival 9:00 - 5 :00

Also on April 4, Sharon Owen will hold an open house at Moonshadow Herb Farm in Muskogee. Contact Sharon at

Spring is rapidly approaching. My garden shed is stuffed with plants that want to come out!
What's doing in your garden?


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