Even Barbie and Ken Garden

Irvin Etienne, Horticultural Display Coordinator at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, did his 3-20 blog entry on Barbie and Ken in the garden.

A quote from the blog entry,
"But what is the secret to that never aging body, everything firm and still in place? Believe it or not it’s gardening. Yes folks, gardening. Sure she’s all glamor and pearls but she’s also all mulching and pruning.
On a recent spring day Barbie invited me to her posh estate, Pink Glitter Farms, for a look at her incredible gardens."

Here's the link. It's great fun what with Barbie riding a pink flamingo and winning the race.

Etienne's profile says he has chickens and rabbits as pets, gardens and bakes as hobbies. Oh, and you'll like this: his favorite foods are butter, bacon, sugar and brown sugar.

Thanks to the Hoosier Gardener, jo ellen meyers sharp, for tipping me off to Entienne's blog. Enjoy.


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