Daffodil Love

We think there are a thousand daffodils blooming in the back yard today. There may be more but who can count?
The weekend was spent pruning, weeding, planting. Glorious 78 degrees and windy days, including today.

Snow peas are replanted, kale and chard transplants are in the row, Renee's spicy salad green transplants are in.

We really need the rain the weather persons promised. Today I dragged hose all around the back yard watering the dozen baby trees we planted last week.

I bought lots of stuff this year as usual. The source of the best trees and shrubs was University of Idaho seedling program. If you have any space for more trees or bird feeding shrubs click on the link http://seedlings.uidaho.com/NurseryShop/default.asp? to take a look.

They came on a freezing cold day and I left them outside as directed by the papers in the box. They all had excellent looking roots, great packaging, and the plants are leafing out their first week in the ground. Oh, plus good pricing and shipping charges.

University of Minnesota Extension Yard & Garden News has another informative edition available here. Topics include the germination of saved vs purchased seeds, Rhododendrons, Disease Resistant Veggies, and All America Rose Selections.

Are you eating enough fruits and vegetables for your health?

According to researchers at Ohio State, most children, adolescents and adults are not.

You know, when I was a kid, my mother put 3 or 4 vegetables on the table every night, fruit at breakfast and we ate fruit as a snack.
We still eat lots of fruits and vegetables here. Probably too many foods that contain sugar make their way into our daily diet but skimping on f & v is rarely a problem.
Growing them helps. They are there and rather than waste them we put them into our diet.

Are you getting your 5 to 8 servings a day? A serving is the size of the palm of your hand. How are you integrating them into your daily routine and your family's habits?


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