Friends' Pot Party

Gearing up for the next event for Friends of Honor Heights Park, a few of us had a little pot party. The topic of the workshop and Friends' gathering on Saturday March 28 is butterfly and hummingbird gardening.

Members Barbara Thorp, Susan Asquith, Glenda Broome, Martha and Jon Stoodley met to make newspaper pots and plant seedlings for everyone who comes to the workshop.

To make the newspaper pots, you tear a full sheet of newspaper down the center fold. Fold that in half to make a square, then fold that into thirds. The resulting rectangle is wrapped around a jar and the bottom is pinched up.

Then, the top collar is folded down. Put the pots into half an inch of water to settle the edges.

Fill with potting soil and a few granules of fertilizer and plant the seedling.

Here's what I like about newspaper pots: They keep plastic out of the landfill, they can be made small enough for rooting without using very much soil, they stay moist unlike peat pots that dry out and harm tiny plants.
Interested in coming to the butterfly and hummingbird gardening workshop?
email and let us know.
Free for members and $5 for guests.


What an excellent idea.I have never tried to make pot from newspaper. I will have to give a try.
Molly Day said…
Hi Kee Wee
What's so surprising about the newspaper pots is that we made 60 in one sitting.
That's a lot of plastic replacement!

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