New Way to Plant Seeds

Johnny's Selected Seeds has a new product that looks like it would work for several situations.
It's a 4-inch round, paper disc, full of seeds. Right now they offer only chives, parsley, thyme, arugula, cilantro and basil. The parsley disc contains 46 seeds and sells for a dollar per disc in a 5-disc pack.
Today's garden photo is the spring wind blowing daffodil blossoms.
I hope your early spring vegetables and flower seeds are coming up and that your perennials are letting you know they are still alive. There is plenty to do - digging compost into beds, mowing, transplanting and dividing. Take time to enjoy the view while you are out there working.

Last but not least, here's a fun link to Dragoo's Skunk Page, Dragoo Institute for the Betterment of Skunks and Skunk Reputations.
Skunks, the Mephitidae family, superfamily Musteloidea, do not live in Europe anymore, though they did live in Germany about 11-12 million years ago.
In the Musteloidea family: otters, badgers, and weasels, raccoons and ringtails, red or lesser panda, and the Mephitidae (skunks). Photos and info respectfully posted at the link.


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