My Butterfies Rock

These are adult painted Lady butterflies dining on orange slices. Double click on the photo to make it larger and look at the plant leaf on the left where the just hatched caterpillars are eating the hollyhock leaf. Then look at the tiny black dots on the paper towel and the plate - that's how small the caterpillars are the day after they hatch out of their blue eggs.

Muskogee is celebrating Earth Day for the first time this year on April 21st. The celebration will be part of the opening of the Muskogee Farmer's Market in its new location at the Civic Center on Okmulgee St.

My small part of Earth Day is that I am raising butterflies to make kits for a giveaway. Five weeks ago I received 30-painted lady butterfly caterpillars from an education/science company. They grew over two weeks into a size that we recognize as a caterpillar. Then they stopped eating, made chrysalis and emerged as butterflies.

The adults mated and laid eggs on the plants in their box and now the cycle is repeating as the adults are dying and the babies are growing. Most adult butterflies live only two weeks.


Whyite said…
Nice Muskogee will get a farmers market. I live just north of Tulsa. Might have to go check it out one day. Love the Photo!
Molly Day said…
Hi Curtis - The Farmer's Market has been held in the library parking lot for 5 or 10 years and the city built a new location with covered shade and everything.

Come down the Muskogee Turnpike and see us. The Earth Day celebration will be Saturday April 21st.
Whyite said…
Thank you! Ill have to come down sometime!

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