Blossoms Garden Center Muskogee

Lora and Matthew Weatherbee, owners of Blossoms Garden Center in Muskogee gave me a peek into the greenhouses today. Over the next few blog entries you will get to see what's growing and will be available March 31st when Blossoms opens for the season.

One of the plants, Diamond Frost Euphorbia from Proven Winners has exceptional heat and drought tolerance and is said to produce a nonstop cloud of airy white blooms. The plant has already won 38-awards in its short life.

Horticulturist Tim Wood said on his gardening blog, The Plant Hunter (click to read), "The small white flowers are so abundant that the cumulative mass of flowers creates a beautiful show akin to Baby’s Breath. What is most remarkable is that this plant bloomed from the day I planted it until the day I had a heavy frost in my garden. It is a blooming machine."


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