Potting and Planting Mixes

When you buy bagged compost, planting mix/soil, potting mix/soil, composted manure and all the other sterile products available, check the fertility and pH on the bag. Do they advertise it to be 2-10-3 or 10-46-0? Is the pH (acid - sweet) level high or low?

Geraniums and pentas prefer a high pH requirement (6.3-6.5) and pansies prefer a lower pH (5.5-5.8). The wrong planting soil and amendments could lead to a disappointing result and providing the right environment can give you a gorgeous result.


Anonymous said…
I've found that petunias and calibrachoa (million bells) can benefit greatly with a little PH manipulation. They prefer a slightly lower PH and regular fertilization. A little garden sulpher (available at Lowes) works great.

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