Gardening Blogs

When we have worn ourselves out gardening, it's time to do something else. Clicking around the Internet can be a great non-television way to relax and rest.

If you plan to go to the opening of Moonshadow Herb Farm this weekend, here's a link to a blog about scented geraniums - check out Geranium Blog before you go to Moonshadow to buy Sharon Owen's selections.

The photo is native plum blossoms.

Are you a tree lover and hugger or just in the market for tree-talk? Here is a blog that waxes poetic about trees and has photos of trees so you can see what they look like. Click here for the link to "A Tree Grower's Diary" with writing and photos by Julie Walton Shaver.

And, since it is time to start working on the lawn, click on the Lawn Care blog for an expert's advice.

Earth Friendly Gardening is a writer's blog that is focused on sustainable gardening for a healthy planet.

An acknowledged expert in treading lightly on the earth, Henry David Thoreau, has his own blog with entries dated during his lifetime.

Other famous people in the gardening world have blogs. For example, author Amy Stewart has a highly regarded blog called Dirt. Stewart's blog has lists upon lists of links to other blogs. The categories include: Chicken gear, chicken info, chicken blogs, garden blogs, earthworm links, i.e. something for everyone interested in the earth.


Whyite said…
Thanks for the post on other gardening blogs. Just discovered your blog today. I'm a Oklahoma gardener too.
Thanks for the links to other gardening blogs. I enjoyed visiting yours.
A1 Chandigarh said…
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