Plants for Water-Wise Gardening

These red tulips are planted in clusters across the front of our yard and have come back three years now. They are a visual treat every time.

The spring this year is great compared with last year! Remember that we had already experienced drought and record breaking heat by this time last year.

The lack of rain is worrisome, though. In addition to the usual sprinkling of the seed beds, we have started watering the flowering fruit trees to make sure they have enough moisture to produce fruit.

If your thoughts are turning to water-wise plants, take a look at the High Country Gardens online catalog for some beautiful xeriscape ideas.

Xeriscape sometimes implies that you have a desert garden in Phoenix or Albuquerque, but even water-wise gardens in Oklahoma do well with these types of plants. Waterwise plants include sage, salvia, asters, agastache, achillea, grasses, penstemon.

It is important to group these low-water plants together. If they are mixed in the same bed with thirsty plants like roses, they will suffer from too much moisture on their roots.


Whyite said…
Did you get rain today. It rained here. Don't know how much. The tulips are awesome.
Molly Day said…
Yes, it finally rained a little (probably 1/4-inch)this afternoon. It was spotty all over the Muskogee area - not everyone's seeds were rained on.

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