Oklahoma Mesonet - Current Soil Temperatures

The soil temperature today is in the upper 50s and is warm enough to plant some seeds but not others. It's easy to find ideal germination temperatures for any seed by searching the seed packet or the Internet.

Oklahoma Mesonet is an online service that you can access by clicking here.

Here are a few examples of soil temperature preferences.
40 degrees- F soil - Plant endive, lettuce and pea seed
45 degree F soil - Plant carrot, radish and spinach seed. Set out cabbage transplants, potato starts, and onion sets
50 degree F soil - Plant beet, parsley, parsnip and Swiss chard seed
60 degree F soil - Plant snap bean, sweet corn, cucumber and turnip seed.
Set out tomato seedlings
65 degree F soil - Plant lima bean seed
70 degree F soil - Plant okra, southern peas, squash, pumpkin and watermelon seed. Set out eggplant and pepper transplants
75 degree F soil - Plant cantaloupe seed. Set out sweet potatoes.


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