Spring days!

Sunny and 70-degrees - what a great day for being outside in the garden.

The photo on the left is Dragonwing Begonias in the greenhouse at Blossoms Garden Center in Muskogee.

Those of us without a greenhouse were outside planting beets, lettuce and other cool weather seeds.

You could also scatter seeds of poppy, bachelor buttons and other flowers that enjoy a chill before bloom. The seeds I planted in the fall are up and now I'm going to put more in the bare spots.

Tree trimming continues with the sound of chain saws having become a part of our neighborhood environment.

Wait a little longer to trim and prune shrubs. Any shrub that blooms in the spring has already set its flower buds and trimming will cut them off. Just wait until the bloom ends - then prune.

Arnold's had vegetable plants in stock and people were grabbing them left and right. If you have little vegetable plants, hold off on putting them out yet. Keep them under lights and warm until we see if there is another hard freeze in the next couple of weeks. They may enjoy a move to bigger pots and a little fish emulsion or seaweed fertilizer diluted to half strength while you wait for the soil to warm up.


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