Mid-March Gardening

If you missed out on the garden fun today, rain may prevent you from being out there the rest of this week. At least we hope so.
To Do: Do remove winter debris from bulbs and corms as they come up but leave some leaves and mulch around other perennials because we could still have a freeze before April 15. If you already bought some tender plants re-pot them and water them with diluted fertilizer. They can be put outside for a few hours on these balmy days but have to come in at night.
For the same reason, start tender annuals inside the house, in a cold frame or greenhouse. We are almost a month away from being able to plant many flowers and veggies outside. Read the seed package, look up the plant's hardiness or ask in this blog.

One of the most useful tools in keeping plants healthy inside is a fan. Running a fan on low keeps the air circulating and reduces the chance of fungal disease (damping off) attacking vulnerable seedlings.


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