Gardening Friendships

Asiatic Lilies emerging
Consider joining some clubs that are focused on gardens, gardening or specific plants that interest you.

Muskogee Garden Club is affordable for most enthusiasts at $15 a year. Tulsa Garden Center's membership is $25 and includes a newsletter.

Most associations and societies have a website rich with growing tips, enthusiastic gardeners to chat with and meeting notices.

Here are a few other possibilities to consider: Alpine Garden Society, American Association of Amateur Arborists, Azalea Society of America, American Bonsai Society, American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta, International Bulb Society, American Clematis Society, American Daffodil Society, American Horticultural Society, North American Cottage Garden Society, Perennial Plant Association, American Iris Society, North American Rock Garden Society, Saxifrage Society, The Violet Society or maybe the Weed Science Society of America.


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