Tulsa Herb Society Tour

We love garden tours, don't we? Where else can you get so many great ideas that use plants local to your area? I just wish there were more of them so I could see the back yards of homes I drive by and admire from the front. The Tulsa Herb Society garden tour was held on a a rainy day last week. I couldn't get there in time to see the first garden but made it to two wonderful ones anyway.
In the photo above, the gardener protected seedlings from bird damage by putting a bird cage on top of them. So clever.

Here the gardener used a hypertoufa container to make a miniature garden complete with angel, swing, arbor, fence, wheelbarrow, etc. Whimsical.
It was pouring when I took these snaps - camera under the umbrella no less. Anyway, no one could identify the beautiful burgundy flower in the center. Any guesses?I loved this gardener's method of cheering up a solid wood fence: Add nature at play.

Have you ever had your home on a garden tour? Do you have any advice for gardeners who are planning to do so?


Herry said…
It's really a good idea to make a beautiful garden.
Molly Day said…
Growing a beautiful garden is so important for our hearts and souls.

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