28th Day of Rain With Lots of Pink

Tomatoes and peppers are turning their backs on the cloudy, rainy weather, yellowing their leaves and refusing to make blossoms.

Lots of the other plants are thriving.

Take a look at the poppy, snow peas and the greens. We are having cooked greens or salad every day from the abundance. And, the snow peas gave us our second bowlful of pre-dinner, tasty snacks last night and they are blooming mightily. I take cuttings every year of my Dicliptera suberecta and grow them in the shed over the winter. From spring to first freeze, they produce tubes of red orange flowers that the hummingbirds and butterflies find irresistible in the heat of the summer.

Suberecta is possibly hardy here but I haven't taken a chance on putting it in the ground without taking cuttings for next year. I bought my original plant from Bustani Plant Farm and they are hardy on that hot side of Oklahoma - we are in very different climates from each other.

This pink tropical Dicliptera is one I traded with Jerry Gustafson. He grows this one from cuttings so now we both have both varieties.

This sweet miniature rose was a gift at a 2007 garden writer's conference. Most of the time when I receive trial plants I do not write about them until they thrive in my garden. This one we can say is a terrific performer. It is next to the driveway with questionable care and still manages to bloom its heart out from May to October. Quite a performance.

This morning it was raining again, of course but I couldn't resist showing you the view from my desk. Last year at Blossom's Garden Center in Muskogee they had these Clematis and we put them on a trellis we had bought there the year before.
You can see that the hammocks are up in the woods in the background but ..... .
They are only to look at and dream of using until the weather changes.


It is very chilly here this a.m. I need some sunshine to beat these rainy day blues my friend. I like Seattle and Oregon, but I could never live there.~~Dee
Martha said…
I'm tired of this weather and plant vendors are VERY tired of it.

Their stock is molding and their customers are staying home in droves.

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